Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dublin OH School Uses Speed Bones in A&P Class.

I'm always excited to see my games used in innovative educational contexts such as in this "iPod Lab" created by a forward-looking Dublin OH high school teacher.

He even has a write-up about the whole experience where he mentions
"Using a tool like the one that was chosen, can allow the effort and time you put into learning more meaningful, accessible and trackable. You can pull a ipod or smartphone out and study anywhere with a device that you carry with you almost all the time. Unlike a paper test or study guide, you had instant feedback, which once again saved time and effort. Many students had 200-300% gains in their scores over the course of 1 period. "

Mobile OS devices have great potential to be used in schools. Portability, easy maintainability and user interface simplicity along with apps that are often low cost may be the ingredients that finally make computers manageable in class and powerful learning tools that make learning more fun and interactive for students.

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