Sunday, May 2, 2010

Speed Anatomy now Available for Android FREE!

Speed Anatomy is now available for Android 1.5 and up in a free ad supported version!

As I have mentioned before, because I'm a Linux kind of guy, the Speed Anatomy engine was originally developed for Android more than a year ago. However, after development of the first prototype, I found out Google did not let Canadian paid apps on their Android Market. I ended up making and releasing an iPhone version instead. My plan was to release the Android version once Google opened the Android Market to Canadian sellers.

This never happened so last month I decided to go the ad supported route and release Speed Anatomy for free. The iPhone version had evolved a lot since the Android protoype and I was not sure I could achieve the same performance including the newer features and graphics on Android especially on the older 1.5 release. However, I and am very pleased with the results. The application runs flawlessly on my Android 1.5 test device (an LG Eve).

Coming soon: Practice mode and translations into other languages. Also Speed Bones MD, Speed Muscles MD and Speed Angiology MD will be made available for Android when Google allows us Canadians to sell on the Marketplace.

Stay tuned!


  1. Looking forward to the Speed Bones and Speed Muscles version for Android. I will recommend all these apps to fellow massage therapist, RN and PT friends for their iPhones and Android phones. Thanks!

  2. Hi Benoit,

    Just want to mention that your speed anatomy game is very good. I downloaded it sometime ago and found it very well done.
    I am also a Canadian Android developer and I am stopping now. I have four apps in the market and I reached a point where I am tired of devoting my nights to freebies.
    I just don't see the market being opened for us any time soon. And even then, the Google customers do not want to pay for anything, they want us to follow the Google model "give us everything for free".

    Best of luck
    Ari (BeMeCollective), Vancouver

  3. Hi Ari,
    Thanks for the great comment. I'm glad you enjoy the game. I know how you feel about the Market situation. It's quite frustrating.

  4. Hi
    Your apps are great thank you very much for that app I think they are great. I don't know how busy you are, but would you mind making a "speed nervous system MD" please?

  5. Hi Raphael, my schedule is full for the next few months of development but this may happen eventually. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Hi Benoit,

    I love Speed Anatomy on my Android phone. I cant wait for you to release the MD versions on the market. One suggestion would be to sell off-market which would allow you to do this now?

    I have three suggestions/requests:

    1) Learning mode - will point to an area for you, without you clicking first to help you learn anatomy.

    2) Easy/hard mode - altering the speed and accurancy with which you must make your selection.

    3) Muscle insertion, innervation and attachments please.