Friday, December 4, 2009

Speed Anatomy Released!

I am pround to annouce that Speed Anatomy was just released on the app store (app store link). It is based on the same engine as Speed Bones MD and Speed Muscles MD but it is targeted at a more general audience. The levels in Speed Anatomy cover more common body parts and don't require players to recall detailed medical anatomical terms. However, because it covers much more body parts than the other games, it still ends up being the longest game in the series.

The new game contains 28 levels, including an overview of bones, muscles, arteries, veins, respiratory system and digestive system. You also get levels covering lungs, pharynx, larynx, nasal cavity,oral cavity, dentition, liver, pancreas, brain, auditory system and visual system. only $.99

This games is fun for everyone and it makes your life easy if you are tackling anatomy for high school, university or medical school. Practice mode allows you to learn specific regions without doing all the previous levels. Review mode lets you replay all the mistakes you made in the last game.


  1. This game is fantastic. I am learning so much so quickly. I never thought I would understand so much human anatomy, especially with so little effort. Thank you so much for this application. It has opened a whole new door in my life.
    -Dan Kennedy