Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Appstruck Review

I stumbled upon another good review of Speed Bones MD today, this time from's Jackie Judge. The author is an anatomy enthusiast and he wrote a thorough review that goes into quite a lot of details.

Excerpt: "For only $0.99, Speed Bones MD offers a course in skeletal anatomy for a much better price than those overpriced, high gloss, and colorfully laminated flashcards you find in college bookstores and Barnes & Nobles."


  1. Only one feature keeps this app (and the angiology and muscle apps) from being the standard anatomy quiz apps for iphone: The ability to be asked questions from one region only. Most anatomy students study the body by regions. So for example the back will be studied one month and the chest cavity the next. If there is an option for being quizzed only on a specific region, these apps will become the best selling medical apps on the appstore, believe me. It would greatly expand the app's usability and market

  2. Hi Danilo,

    Practice mode allows you to do this.The next update (comming soon) will show level titles, not just level numbers so that it is easier to know which region a level covers without having to remember by number. I hope this helps.