Thursday, April 2, 2009

Speed Bones MD and Speed Bones Lite (Free) Comming Soon!

Do you think you know the parts of your body? Would you understand what is happening to you if you were told you broke your trapezium, trapezoid or triquetium? How fast can you point to specific bones? Speed Bones is the most exciting way to learn and test your knowledge of bones.

Speed Bones is the first game in the Speed Anatomy games series.

-Must have game if you tackling anatomy for a high school or university class.
-More captivating than flashcards.
-Contains dozens of images.
-Hundreds of labeled bones from all the main regions of the body.
-Earn points for precision.
-Bonus points for time.
-Bonus points for more than 5 right answers in a row.
-Compare high scores with your friends.
-Practice mode allows you to try specific regions without doing all the previous levels.
-Holding your finger on an image brings up a magnifying glass for better touch precision.


  1. Hello Benoit, I just purchased you bones game. I had discussed with my brother pretty much doing the same thing starting with skeletal then doing muscles and organs etc. The fact you've done it saves us the time! I think what you've done is great. For the version we were imagining we were going to make it so that every time you restart the game you start one or 2 levels below where you finished rather than starting from the begining. Just a suggestion, anyway well done!!

  2. Hi emma,
    I am glad you enjoy my game. As for your suggestion, did you know Speed Bones allows you to start at any level using practice mode? Just select the level where you would like to start using the up and down arrows and then touch "Practice".

    However, if you want to beat you friend's high score it is better to play a full game because you have the possibility to earn more points.

  3. Hi Benoit!

    GREAT app! I love that it is educational and entertaining at the same time. My 9-year-old son likes to play it!

    I am the iPhone Apps reviewer for and here is my review:

    Thanks for your app--it's wonderful!

  4. Hello Benoit

    Great game, are you planning creating or have you heard of any thing out there similar to this only for the other systems of the body?

  5. Hi Quigley, I am glad you enjoy my games. I am assuming you have seen Speed Bones MD, Speed Muscles MD, and Speed Angiology MD. That last one is for the circulatory system but I included as a bonus the anatomy of the digestive system(stomach, intestine, liver, pancreas etc. ). My plan (after I have done a few improvements on the current games) is to do one for the nervous system in which I might include as a bonus, the anatomy of the sensory organs. Stay Tuned.

  6. Great app for memorizing all the bones